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Sector analysis

  • Posted On: 10th June 2013
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Sector analysis
Telenor Pakistan launches Telenor Smart Menu                                                          
Telenor Pakistan becomes the first telecom operator to launch Telenor Smart Menu, that brings access to all value addition services by dialing *345#.
Telenor Smart Menu enables direct access to the user’s account, its utilities, news updates, sports updates, infotainment, smart tunes, music and movie charts. Package plans can be changed and information on available packages can also be easily acquired by using the menu. Friend and family options can be effectively managed through the service. No third party software installations or set up procedures are required to use this menu.
A menu appears on the handset screen when *345# is dialed. The options can be easily scrolled through and selected by entering the number listed next to the service. Music and any other content that are ordered through the menu are delivered via SMS or MMS. The *345# menu can be accessed at any time of the day for any number of times.  The access and use of the service is totally

free for prepaid (Talkshawk, Djuice) & Persona postpaid customers Charges only apply once a particular service in the menu is used..

Chief Marketing Officer Telenor Pakistan, Lars Christian Iuel sharing his thoughts on the launch of ‘Telenor Smart Menu’ said, “Telenor Pakistan is pleased to have taken the initiative to bring Smart Menu service that enables easy availability to all value addition services with just a dial of a number. In current times, where subscription numbers are on an increase and the potential of this increase is enormous, such services are the need of the hour. We seek to address this instantaneous need for access as well as cater to all segments of our customers and are dedicated to enhanced, improved services”.

Ufone expands its Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse

Ufone (Pakistan Telecom Mobile Limited) signed an agreement with Teradata Corporation for the expansion of its Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) .
The signing ceremony was held at Ufone Head Office in Islamabad. Mr. Abdul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, Ufone and Mr. Khuram Rahat, Managing Director, Teradata Pakistan, signed the agreement. Also present on the occasion were, Mr. Faisal Khaliq, CIO, Ufone, Mr. Nadeem Khan, CFO, Ufone, Mr. Ehtisham Ullah Khan GM Finance and Treasury, Mr. Jahanzeb Azim, Account Director, Teradata and Mr. Qazafi Qayyum, PS Manager, Teradata.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Abdul Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, Ufone, said, “Ufone is constantly striving to provide a very high quality of Service and Support to its customers across the country. We have invested in Teradata’s technology to have better understanding of our customers and insight into their needs to be able to respond with matching services and offerings at competitive prices.”
Mr. Khuram Rahat, Managing Director, Teradata Pakistan, said, “Teradata is committed to delivering high performance Active Enterprise Data Warehouse solutions to its customers enabling them to carry out detailed analysis and to be able take strategic and timely tacticle decisions to better service their customers while achieving optimal efficiencies in their operations.”
Since 2001, Ufone’s analytical solutions from Teradata have provided a comprehensive platform for intelligently storing information and analysing those information reserves to re-invent their business to not only offer innovative services but also continuously enhancing their quality of services.
AKD Research 
Telecom sector – monthly update
Telecom statistics for the fist month of FY10 show cellular teledensity improving to 58.5% in July ’09 while total Fixed Teledensity (Fixed Line Density and WLL Density) has remained static at 3.8%. While most part of FY09 was marred by PTA’s directives to curb illegal SIMs, July ’09 (1MFY10) shows total cellular subscriber base to have risen by 7%YoY (1.28%MoM) to 95.54mn subscribers. During July ’09, Mobilink reported a 1.42%MoM increase in its overall subscriber base, whereas Ufone, China Mobile, Telenor and Warid reported MoM net additions of 0.26%, 1.56%, 1.94% and 1.42% to their respective cellular bases. On the WLL front, total subscriber base has increased by 1.34%MoM to reach 2.65mn during the review period. Within the sector, we continue to like PTCL which offers exposure to landline, WLL and the cellular market (Ufone).

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