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Import of mobile phones increase by 39.5% from July to Feb

The official import of cellular phones rose by 39.5% from July to February 2009/10. According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan imported $177.7 million worth of mobile phone sets during the period under review as compared to $127.3 million in the same period last fiscal year. The influx of low-end mobile sets costing around $40 dominates the market with an 80-85% share of the total imports. Mobile phone imports in February 2010 were $25 million as compared to $4 million in February 2009.

The medium-range sets starting from $45 to $100 enjoyed 15% market share while the upper medium range (above $100 to $150) held a 4% share in total imports of mobile phones.

The government has also reduced the duty on the import of mobile phones to Rs250. In addition, the prices of mobile phones have gone down internationally.

According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, in 2006 34 million people were using mobile phones which increased over the years to 63 million in 2007; 88 million in 2008 and 94 million in 2009.

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