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PTCL Data Centers are internationally recognised

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) understanding the rapidly changing business environment and its growing reliance upon automation has introduced regions largest Data Centers in Karachi
and Lahore. PTCL Data Centers are certified by the internationally recognized certification body, EPI, This certification by an international body is the first data center certification in Pakistan’s history and proves PTCL’s commitment to providing state of the art products and services backed by engineering and support for the
Government and Enterprise markets of Pakistan. PTCL has the largest geographically redundant commercial data centers not only in Pakistan but also in the whole region.

PTCL Data Center services is an ideal choice for companies who want the flexibility to house their Primary, Disaster Recovery and/or Business Continuity sites and choose from a variety of cost reducing services as their business demands. These data centers are part of the overall PTCL managed services approach which provides our corporate customers not only reduced costs, but also improvements in the availability, performance, resilience and security of an organization’s IT systems,

PTCL Data Center solution provides customers Managed and Hosted Cloud based services that comprise of Computing as a Service, Processing as a service, Storage as a Service, Software as a Service, Application
Hosting, Infrastructure Hosting, Caging, Co-Location, Disaster Recovery as a service, Backup Solutions, Hosted Business Solutions, Unified Communications and Telepresence switching.
This certification by an internationally recognized organization ensures that PTCL Data centers provide a reliable, responsive and resilient infrastructure, is designed and built using international standards and provides a secure, managed, climatically controlled environment for the housing and hosting of sensitive, mission-critical data and applications. This benefits our customers in terms of cost, efficiency and scalability of its IT systems, It allows businesses to protect critical applications and confidential data, enhance its ITs operational efficiencies, and rapidly create new secure application environments to support new business processes.

President PTCL Walid Irshaid said “PTCL is heavily investing in these ICT assets on behalf of our customers so
that they can focus on their core competencies. Getting our Data Centers certified is further evidence that PTCL is committed to provide technology to the Government and Enterprise markets of Pakistan of international standards. As the National Carrier of Pakistan this is not only our obligation but also our duty.”

PTCL is the only unified service provider in Pakistan, able to service all customer segments including consumers, enterprise and carries with a comprehensive portfolio of services to cater for all.

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