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Images by Waqas Z – Wedding photography with a spin

Images by Waqas Z – Wedding photography with a spin

Looking at the world through a lens that captures a moment, etching it onto a piece of paper, saving it for years to come – photography for some is about passion, others nostalgia, a way to preserve a moment they will live through only once and relive countless times. It’s not the lens that does the trick, but the eye behind the lens that mixes in the magic creating a truly breathtaking photograph. It’s this magic that has transformed wedding photography from an array of stiff images and run of the mill poses to capturing candid moments and natural expressions.

For Waqas Zafar, a creative lifestyle photographer, it is all about mixing in a little magic and embedding the emotional connection of a couple within their wedding photographs hence transforming a mere image into something they can cherish forever.

Talking about his signature style and the type of photography he is into he elaborates, “I am a free-lance photographer operating across Pakistan and abroad. I specialise in commercial photography focusing on lifestyle genres including portraits, events, real life issues, fashion/glamour and weddings. To adapt a diverse style, I work with assorted issues which enable me to cater to a wide range of clients. The magic of photography and capturing images through my lens has not only brought in me a sense of intrigue, but the transformation from the press of the shutter to a processed image has truly amazed me.”

He believes he can only do justice to his photographs after maintaining a certain level of comfort with his clients and paying close attention to their needs, “My unique niche’ is being spontaneous and I strive to be a perfectionist in parallel. I have been told it’s a lethally sought after trait, as it does not loose a single moment of expression. I try to capture it all comprehensively. I am fortunate enough to get a fluent flow of assignments because of my focused working approach. It’s gratifying to see the client’s reaction as it really makes my day, and is one of the sole purposes of my existence in professional photography. I want my client to be satisfied with my work and the value proposition I have to offer. We ensure success as a team of service provider-client through interaction and understanding of need, tone, theme, style, purpose and language of the photographs that my client needs.”

Putting a spin on wedding photography Waqas believes in making a couple’s big day special by capturing frames that are priceless moments, “Photographing weddings is very pleasant experience and I truly appreciate the candid moments that couples experience on their big day. To cater to two persons who are about to start the journey of their lives is amazingly rewarding and satisfying. I tend to capture the joy and emotions on their big day which allows my clients to relive the events in their hearts and minds. My approach is creative and I strive to give each image a unique feeling during post processing.”

Shunning the traditional and adapting a new age style of photography, he is not afraid to experiment with different styles and unexplored digital techniques, “I am totally influenced by conceptualism. My work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of modern graphic ideas beyond traditional imagery yet preserving the essence of the feeling. I experiment with different ways through which photographic images can come into existence. I continue to explore the creative potential of digital technologies.”

Waqas describes his wedding package as a complete experience for his clients, merging creative ideas in an environment of comfort and trust, he believes that his education and background go a long way in establishing a comfort zone for his clients resulting in offering them something different. His foreign exposure which includes a decade long stay in the UK has enabled him to understand a variety of cultures. In Pakistan he has travelled across the country and carried out assignments and this experience enables him to work in complex situations. Such situations include his coverage of Pakistan Floods 2010 and various assignments with major humanitarian/development actors in the country. In fashion/glamour genre, he has managed to capture the work of some of the most finest and well-known fashion brands such as Deepak Parwani, Sana Safinaz, HSY, Karma and Body Focus Museum just to name a few. He wishes to bring the same glamour into wedding photography along with an infusion of creativity, “Every assignment I take up is unique in a way, I go with the moment and instead of painting the bride in a box I encourage her to be her natural self, and the result is outstanding. It’s the bride’s big day and I don’t want her to bank on my ideas, I want to listen to what she wants.”

Talking about his future plans, he wishes to continue he wishes to continue exploring his talents in foreign destinations such as Middle Eastern countries and neighbouring countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. His photography is a reflection of his experiences in life and his photographs make captured moments timeless.  More info can be found by visiting his facebook artist page at FACEBOOK.COM/IMAGESBYWAQASZ


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