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The historic Mohalla Sethian

The historic Mohalla Sethian

The once wealthy businessmen of Peshawar, the Sethi family, have established in the heart of Peshawar their historically extravagant abode – the Mohalla Sethian. Built in 1882 by Haji Ahmad Gul, the palatial residence embellished by 18th and 19th century architecture bears a tale of their opulent past.

The occupants of the now weather-beaten havelis were rich tradesmen and their love for fine architecture and embellishments is apparent by the construction of the mansions. The havelis are interconnected by wooden bridges and the wooden doorways, arches and window frames bear embossed and engraved floral artwork by Bukhara artisans. The artwork is reminiscent of the art and culture of Peshawar in the 18th century. The ceilings in each room are uniquely designed and colourfully painted with a magnificent attention to detail.

The historic mohalla with its ancient architecture, century old Belgian glass chandeliers and colourful cut glass artwork should be conserved as a historic landmark.

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