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Q&A with Sarah Najmi Bilgrami

  • Posted On: 26th August 2013
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Q&A with Sarah Najmi Bilgrami


How is designer furniture received by people in a country like Pakistan and how perceptive is the market to this concept?

Sarah Najmi Bilgrami: “With a mass appreciation for designer trends in any industry, the Pakistani audience have also positively received our products and services.  It really comes down to the final design and its outlook.  We specialise in creating wholesome, complete pieces or lines that cater to a variety of interiors. 

When our clients see our design philosophy along with our execution, they appreciate the thought and process as much as the final outlook.”


What is the design philosophy behind YOC’A’s furniture and interior designing?

SNB: “Our entire philosophy stems from one basic principle: cohesion.  Be it our teamwork or our aesthetics, we derive our concepts through a combination of inspirations from all design industries.  We look towards both the local and international markets and bind the two through a variety of designs that appeal to various tastes. 

The word YOC’A is an acronym for Young Collective Artists, three distinct words representing exactly what we are.”


How did your background in architecture help you with your venture?

SNB: “Architecture encompasses every corner of design you may think of, from planning and structure, perspective and geometry, down to composition and details.  The analysis of materials, color schemes, joinery and trends are explored within this realm of this field.  All these are key elements in the design and execution of furniture.

When you’re an architect, management and coordination are the foundation of being able to make any design a realisation.  With our strong team and management skills, we have created a sound structure that helps us achieve our goals.”


What services does YOC’A currently provide and what are the plans for expansion?

SNB: “We currently create a mix of contemporary and heritage furniture for our YOC’A showroom and custom-designed furniture for our private clients. 

Our products have also reached international markets, including our recent launch in Dubai and we have plans to showcase in other cities as well.  Alongside that aspiration, we are developing unique furniture shows for the following year!” 

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