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Q&A with Rezz Aly Shah

Q&A with Rezz Aly Shah

Rezza Aly Shah, known as ‘Rezz’, is a fashion choreographer cum event manager. Rezz was born in Karachi and brought up all over Pakistan as his parents were in the civil services. A political science grad, Rezz did his LLB and later got a Masters’ degree in Business Administration. Rezz’s first love was always modeling and fashion and he started an event management company in 2001.

You are a lawyer by profession. How did you get into event management?

Rezz Aly Shah: “I was a model way before and had some contacts in the fashion industry. After completing my studies, I worked in a corporate law firm but my inclination was always towards fashion and events and glamour, so I started Rezz Events in 2001.”

Has the event management industry expanded over the years?

RAS: “When we started in Islamabad, there was not even a single event company dealing with fashion and PR.”

What are the major challenges you have faced in this business?

RAS: “All sorts of challenges as I don’t come from a fashion or a media background. I had to face all sorts of people and new ways of dealing independently; basically selling my work to fashion houses and the media and corporate world was not easy.”

There are a number of event management companies in all the major cities of Pakistan. How do you differentiate Rezz Events from the prevailing competition?

RAS: “I say, just like there are a lot of hotels and mobile operators and banks but all of them have their own share of the pie — same with my work, if someone wants Rezz they will take Rezz!”

How do you diversify your business in light of the recent economic recession?

RAS: “Weddings and events of all types do keep on happening — perhaps the pockets of people are slightly tighter today compared to a few years back but still events do happen, shops do have launch events and brands do have launches; so our work still moves on.”

How do you cope with the challenges of increased power shortages and also security concerns when arranging major events?

RAS: “Our shows are mostly in hotels and the launches at the venues are well taken care of with high end powerful generators as the clients know beforehand that generators are a must and they are ready to pay for that. Also, for private security guards — and yes, this makes the price of an event higher than the early  days when these measures were not a necessity as such. But today, these two things are extremely important at an event.”

Who are your role models?

RAS: “In general, Benazir Bhutto and in this field, Frieha Altaf —  she has done very well.”

Where do you see Rezz Events in the coming years?

RAS: “I hope the situation in Pakistan improves and so will Rezz events!”

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