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Q&A with Markus Haefeli

  • Posted On: 27th August 2013
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Markus Haefeli is the Managing Director of Parazelsus Limited in Switzerland. Parazelsus Limited is an independent, pro-active investment and management group, founded by Peter Zuellig in 2005. Parazelsus understands very well how to generate value in the healthcare sector through an unconventional approach
Why did you choose this specific profession?
MH: “I was always into numbers as it fits my point of view.”

How did your association with Parazelsus come about?
MH: “Peter knew me from Zuellig Pharma where I worked from 1995 to 2004. Hence, when he formed Parazelsus, he approached me to be a part of their team.”

What is the nature of your visit to Pakistan?
MH: “I come to Pakistan 3 to 4 times a year as part of different projects for the management of existing clients and for creating further opportunities with prospective clients.”

What was your first impression of Pakistan?
MH: “My view of Pakistan is not what you read or see in the news abroad. When I meet with friends and business contacts in Europe, I always give them a balanced view of my opinion of Pakistan.It is a great place for business as people are very efficient and professional.”

Can you briefly elaborate on the operations of Parazelsus Global and Parazelsus Pakistan?
MH: “Parazelsus forms a direct link between manufacturers and pharmaceutical outlets and chemists where medicines are sold. We are not involved in the actual trade of medicines.
Parazelsus Pakistan is focused on the Distribution of Pharmaceutical products. On 1st of January 2007, Parazelsus acquired the distribution operations of Novartis in Pakistan — regarded as the leader in its field today. Building on a strong foundation, Parazelsus is introducing specific know-how in order to grow the business to become an industry leader. Parazelsus Pakistan covers the entire span of services that make an industry-leading distributor of pharmaceuticals. Distribution services include: Warehousing, inventory management, sales order processing, invoicing, delivery and transportation, collection, credit and risk management, deploying and managing sales forces, repackaging and labelling, sample, gift and literature management as well as information and data services.”

How has been Parazelsus’ experience in Pakistan?
MH: “Our experience has been positive and Parazelsus is committed to its investment in Pakistan. We do get setbacks such as issues of fraud, law and order, political disturbances and frequent staff turnover. In Pakistan, we have highly qualified and well educated people, but our talent tends to get poached as we cannot remunerate our employees the same compensation as companies do in Saudi Arabia an Dubai. Despite setbacks, Parazelsus does ensure full transparency in all its business operations and follows through on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). An example of which is Novartis leading a project in collaboration with the local government to provide medical and healthcare to cancer patients. As a leading pharmaceutical distribution company in Pakistan, Parazelsus cares about its employees. We bring international standards to local market.”

Can you shed light on the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan and the challenges faced by the modern pharmaceutical industry?
MH: “The Pakistani market attracts investors because of its rapidly increasing population and rapidly growing disposable income, particularly of a burgeoning middle class. The Pharmaceutical industry growth rate is usually twice that of GDP which makes it attractive for investment. The major challenges in the industry include increased competition due to a wide range of products that cater to a large number of customers and pharmaceutical innovations. But this is a positive challenge which helps us in our plans for future growth.”

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