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Embassy of Brazil and COMSATS host Glob-All Mix, and exhibition of 30 Posters for a Sustainable World

  • Posted On: 31st July 2013
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Embassy of Brazil and COMSATS host Glob-All Mix, and exhibition of 30 Posters for a Sustainable World

The Embassy of Brazil and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, brought to Pakistan Glob-All Mix – 31 Posters for a Sustainable World, to celebrate one year of the Rio+20 Conference. H.E Mr. Alfredo Leoni, Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, inaugurated the show at the COMSATS’ Library.

In 1992, when Brazil hosted the first United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, known as Rio-92, the Brazilian designer Felipe Taborda gathered the works of some of the most prestigious designers of the world at the time on an exhibition called 30 Posters on Environment and Development.

In the occasion of Rio+20, the largest conferences in the history of the United Nations, organized by Brazil in 2012, Mr. Taborda decided to reedit the experience of 20 years before, and invited 30 of the greatest designers of our time, from all over the world, to participate in Glob-All Mix – 30 Posters for a Sustainable World. Especially for Pakistan, the exhibition received the addition of a 31st poster from a Pakistani designer.

The exhibition was held in Rio de Janeiro during the Conference, one year ago, and has been shown in tens of different countries since then.

This exhibition not only stimulates creativity, but also translates the complex concepts and the messages discussed by the Rio+20 Conference into powerful and striking messages. By portraying these issues with such talent, this group of designers – with the valuable addition of Pakistani designer JK Mirza, as well as local curatorship of Farrah Adnan, – helps to spread the value of sustainable development worldwide.

To become a more sustainable society and achieve all the goals set out at the Rio+20 Conference, we must be able to widen the reach of this message, and there is no better way to do it than through art.

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