Adil Moosajee

Q&A with Adil Moosajee

Launched in December 2004 by entrepreneur Adil Moosajee, Ego is a clothing line that caters to the stylish, independent consumer. When he arrived in Karachi over three years ago, Adil instantly recognised the dearth of good-quality, well-designed, local comfort wear. Eager to fill the gap, he set to work researching and designing a line that, … Read more Adil Moosajee

Francis Bacon: Painter With a Double-Edged Sword

Francis Bacon painter with a double edged sword

His pictures are ambiguous and among the most expensive ever brought to auction. They easily sell for millions of pounds and maintain a top position in the art market. Bacon is the UK’s most expensive artist at auction. Last week a single painting reached £21.6m ($33.3 million). Bacon’s artwork is provocative and perplexing. With a … Read more Francis Bacon: Painter With a Double-Edged Sword

Choked Pipes – Book Review

choked pipes book review

Choked Pipes: Reforming Pakistan’s Mixed Health System Reviewing Sania Nishtar’s new book entitled ‘Choked Pipes: Reforming Pakistan’s Mixed Health System’ has been an interesting experience for a number of reasons. A glance through the cover gets you biased outright. A Nobel Laureate has termed the book “magisterial” stating that “[it is] intended not for the … Read more Choked Pipes – Book Review