The New Face of the IBA

zoominfo/Farhan-Cutlerywala/582105606 101 The New Face of the IBA16 April 2015 In 1955 in a non-descript corner within the vast expanses of the University of Karachi, a small business school was set up. The idea was to establish an institute based on the US MBA model – a model patronized and supported by the Wharton School … Read more The New Face of the IBA

Kashmir, Peace, and Commerce

countercurrents/amkhan080216.htm 18 February 2015 by Brian Cloughley The author is a South Asia defence analyst and author of ‘A History of the Pakistan Army’ The concept of the sub-continent being tension-free and commerce-friendly is truly enticing and I have discussed it with many people, including ten years ago the then President of the Karachi … Read more Kashmir, Peace, and Commerce

Getting Together

countercurrents/amkhan080216.htm 14 April 2015 by Brian Cloughley India-Pakistan relations remain fraught with danger and mistrust. Since October 2014, there have been regular exchanges of fire between their troops across the ‘Line of Control’ which has run through contested Kashmir since Indian independence and the simultaneous birth of Pakistan in 1947. Turbulent times could lie … Read more Getting Together

CEO and Fund Manager Asia Frontier Capital

dbpedia/page/Asia_Frontier_Capital_Ltd. 24th February 2014 CEO and Fund Manager, Asia Frontier Capital Thomas Hugger has spent 27 years in private banking where he specialised in managing portfolios of listed and unlisted equities. He has been investing in Asian and African Frontier Markets since 1993. He is the former Managing Partner, CFO and COO of Leopard Capital … Read more CEO and Fund Manager Asia Frontier Capital

A different view on income disparity The CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets has even forecast that China will become the top luxury goods market by 2020 International Chinese people are becoming richer, and the wealth gap in China is, as expected, growing. The Spring Festival holiday saw consumption reach about 400 billion yuan ($60.69 billion), with many rich Chinese travelling abroad … Read more A different view on income disparity