Faraz Khan, Pakistan’s Global Social Entrepreneur

Faraz Khan Pakistan’s global social entrepreneur

Social entrepreneur Faraz Khan has received international acclaim for his success in fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within various diaspora communities across Europe and the UK. After a successful career in banking, Faraz achieved great success with his company Gizelle which specialized in outdoor advertising and later pioneered the concept of CSR Outdoor media. Reflecting on … Read more Faraz Khan, Pakistan’s Global Social Entrepreneur

Marketing Myopia — The Boston Matrix Analysis (BCG Matrix)

Marketing Myopia the Boston Matrix Analysis

For approximately the last two decades, the discipline of marketing has been under constant scrutiny to gauge its relevance and usefulness in both practical business strategies and academia. Marketing pedagogy and strategies are critiqued to have become irrelevant and myopic and their blind adoption by organizations is raising heated debate amongst academics surrounding the efficacy … Read more Marketing Myopia — The Boston Matrix Analysis (BCG Matrix)

Adil Moosajee

Q&A with Adil Moosajee

Launched in December 2004 by entrepreneur Adil Moosajee, Ego is a clothing line that caters to the stylish, independent consumer. When he arrived in Karachi over three years ago, Adil instantly recognised the dearth of good-quality, well-designed, local comfort wear. Eager to fill the gap, he set to work researching and designing a line that, … Read more Adil Moosajee