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NBP president gets extension

NBP president gets extension

11 April 2010

On 10 April, President National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was granted an extension for one year, commencing 1 July 2010.

Ali Raza was appointed NBP President in 2000. During his tenure, NBP has played a crucial role in stabilizing Pakistan’s fragile economy, particularly in its support of various public sector organizations and the capital market. According to a recently released NBP statement, “Ali Raza’s dynamic leadership guided the bank to a record high profitability for a decade with the assets reaching Rs1 trillion mark.” The combined profitability of the National Bank for 2009 surged by 17% to Rs 62 billion.

The statement also applauded NBP’s international expansion spearheaded by Ali Raza, “During his tenure, the bank expanded internationally to the Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and is looking forward to commence operations in Saudi Arabia and Russia.”

Over the years, Ali Raza has been awarded several accolades in recognition of his outstanding performance as NBP President.

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