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Mobilink registers increase in subscriber base

March 17 2010

Mobilink registered an increase in its subscriber base and revenues for Q4 2009 in comparison to the previous quarter of 2009. Mobilink revealed upbeat trends in the fourth quarter of 2009, as the company’s revenues, as per local currency showed an increase of 5.3%, as compared to Q3 2009.
Rashid Khan, President and CEO, Mobilink, stated that the aggressive stance taken by the company in a challenging environment, allied with Mobilink’s unique advantages of coverage and quality have reaped rewards.
The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for Q4 2009, as compared to the previous quarter increased by 3.3%. Mobilink’s ARPU also remained stable during 2009 in rupee terms.  Mobilink’s net base increased by about 0.76 million subscribers during this period.

Mobilink’s subscriber base reached 30.8 million as of December 2009. Earnings stood at  Rs 86.8 billion for the full year 2009.  Mobilink managed to stabilise revenues in local currency despite the current economic downturn, political instability and civil strife. On the economic front, spiraling inflation, currency devaluation, sluggish GDP growth as well as power shortages have been ongoing challenges.

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